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 Registration for the 2017 season is now OPEN. 

A registration form is available below to complete and mail or you may register at either of the following dates at Van Allen from 8:00 -11:00 am:  March 4 and March 11, 2017.

Please pass the word.  Deadline for Registration is March 18, 2017! 

The Mt. Pleasant Girls Softball Association operates with a 13 member volunteer board.  If you are interested in a board member position, please let one of the current board members know. 

Girls ages Pre-k through 12 grade are eligible to participate in the recreational softball program.  Practices take place in April and games start the beginning of May.  Softball diamonds are located on Cherry Street just north of the railroad tracks. 

Click Here to open 2017 Registration Form

 Thank you to the following for your support:

Donna Hoaglin Foundation for grant dollars to add sidewalks and help purchase a new field gator

Burlington Pepsi for contribution to add sidewalks 

Lance Refuse for waste disposal services

Mt. Pleasant Utilities for replacing burnt out lights



Board Members:

Diane Magnani (Umpires)dmagnani@accessenergycoop.com     Mike Richtman(President, Grounds/Equipment)  mprichtman@gmail.com

Linda Kelley (Treasurer, sign-up/opening day) lkk@whitfieldlaw.com    Kevin Elmore (Grounds/Equipment) kcae2003@yahoo.com

Eric Larson (Secretary, grounds/equpment) eslarson325@gmail.com   Phil West (umpires/rules) 5westfamily2000@gmail.com

Tamara Hudson(sign-up/opening day) tghudson31@gmail.com         Jason Johnston(umpires/rules) jvjohns1975@gmail.com

Jill Ita(concessions) jita_230@hotmail.com     Buffy Simons (concessions) buffy.simons@yahoo.com

Beth Calhoun (Vice President) bcalhoun@accessenergycoop.com    Doug Slobodnik (Umpires/Rules) slobodnikdoug@gmail.com

Sara Borders (Concessions) ms98@iowatelecom.net  

MP Girls Softball By laws