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Welcome to the Mt. Pleasant Softball website. 
The 2018 softball season has come to an end.  Thank you to all of the coaches and parents and players.  It was an awesome year.
We still need individuals to step up as board members.  We try to maintain a 13 member board and when we have a full board, the work load is very manageble.  Our current members are great, but we need more and some will be finishing their terms this year.  Please reach out to a board member if you interested.   





Thank you to the following for your support:


Lance Refuse for waste disposal services and the new pink garbage cans!

Mt. Pleasant Lucky Clover 4H Group, parents, and leader Mindy Fitzgibbons for cleaning the facility and planting flowers. 

Wal-Mart Retail for the donation to purchase additional picnic tables. 



Board Members:

Diane Magnani (Umpires)dmagnani@accessenergycoop.com     Mike Richtman(President, Grounds/Equipment)  mprichtman@gmail.com

Linda Kelley (Treasurer, sign-up/opening day) lkk@whitfieldlaw.com    Beth Calhoun (Vice President) bcalhoun@accessenergycoop.com

Tamara Hudson(sign-up/opening day) tghudson31@gmail.com           Jeff Baker jeffreybaker1968@gmail.com 

Buffy Simons (concessions) buffy.simons@yahoo.com                       Mindy Fitzgibbon  mmdillfitzgibbon@gmail.com

Sara Borders (Concessions) ms98@iowatelecom.net  

Doug Slobodnik (Umpires/Rules) slobodnikdoug@gmail.com


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