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The 2018 Mount Pleasant Girls Softball

Opening Day is Sunday, May 6 at 2:00 pm.



Click here for the National League Game Schedule

Click here for the American League Game Schedule

Click here for the Kindergarten/Instructional Game Schedule


Thank you to the following for your support:


Lance Refuse for waste disposal services and the new pink garbage cans!



Board Members:

Diane Magnani (Umpires)dmagnani@accessenergycoop.com     Mike Richtman(President, Grounds/Equipment)  mprichtman@gmail.com

Linda Kelley (Treasurer, sign-up/opening day) lkk@whitfieldlaw.com    Beth Calhoun (Vice President) bcalhoun@accessenergycoop.com

Tamara Hudson(sign-up/opening day) tghudson31@gmail.com        

Buffy Simons (concessions) buffy.simons@yahoo.com              

Sara Borders (Concessions) ms98@iowatelecom.net  

Doug Slobodnik (Umpires/Rules) slobodnikdoug@gmail.com


MP Girls Softball By laws